Kalte, live, this Tuesday!

Oh dear. In keeping with the tone of my last post (in February!) I continue to be a terrible blogger. But on the plus side there is still new mara's torment music coming (albeit slowly) which I hope makes up for my apparent silence.

On the Kalte side of things, we're playing live again! This Tuesday! With Akumu! And our good friends Stephen and Mike who are performing for the first time ever as Insukati! You should come! I like exclamation points!

See you on Tuesday!



presents iMMERSiVE NiGHTMARES featuring
Tues. June 22nd @ Supermarket .
268 Augusta Ave., Kensington Market . just south of College St.
PiNG doors open at 8pm . 1st set at 8:30 . $6



Kalte 8:30
Akumu 9:15
Insukati 10:00


'Insukati' is a Canadian experimental electronic music group formed in 2010, consisting of Toronto natives Stephen Seto and Michael Morton. Coming from their own respective music careers in electronic music as 's:cage' and 'Displacer'; they have been featured by record labels such as Mute/Novamute, Ant-Zen, Tympanik Audio and M-tronic.Together, as 'Insukati', they bring a progressive direction in ambient/down-tempo music for a modern, dark exploration of emotion and melody, developed in a live performance environment.

Celebrating 10 years performing as 'Akumu', Deane Hughes returns to the Ambient Ping to bring his blend of atmospheric ambience, haunting electronics and shadowy beats. Deane will be showcasing new, unreleased material recorded earlier this year and commemorating the anniversary event with the release of Akumu's 3-Disc Boxset including Akumu's video collection on DVD.

Emerging from cold seclusion in their secret Antarctic recording studio, Deane and Rik of 'Kalte' return to the PiNG stage for their first live performance of 2010. Promising a blend of both new and re-imagined material, Kalte will create an environment of isolation and darkness reminiscent of the Polar dark. Kalte's music crosses a range of genres including zero-bpm, musique concréte and deep ambient to produce dense and eerie soundscapes highlighted on their releases "The Lanthanide Series" (Stasisfield, 2008) and "Glaciations" (Dark Winter, 2009). They are currently working on new material for 2010.

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