a very nice review at Hypnagogue

I am a terrible blogger. I am neglectful and thoughtless, and I really don't seem to be very considerate of your needs at all. Please forgive me though, part of my neglect comes from being busy with new music. In fact I'm listening to some of it right now. It's good so far, and I'm hoping you'll be able to hear it soon...

And while you wait you may be interested in reading a lovely review of "dexterity" written by John Shanahan over at Hypnagogue. John is a wonderful writer and podcaster and I'm most flattered and thrilled by his very kind words. If John's review makes you interested to hear "dexterity" for yourself, you can stream it courtesy of Soundcloud on the mara's torment Facebook page. I'd be thrilled to hear what you think of it...

Gotta run, I haven't had lunch yet and I'm kinda hungry. See you all soon!

mara's torment

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