body music

Click here to download "body music" by mara's torment.

Last month I posted "secret music", so it seems appropriate that this month I would post "body music", a slightly more beat driven remix version of the aforementioned "secret music". There are also a few non-remix tracks on this release as well, a few things that I returned to a couple of times afterwards. To be honest, it's a bit of a hodgepodge, but it still seems to work. Not sure why, but it still seems alright...

"body music" by mara's torment

nothing ever happens here

i'll never be warm again

your journey ends (version)


breathe (version)

invitations and seductions (ver4rev2)

l'kechala (version)

secret music (remix)

swing (version)

voyage (version)

all tracks copyright rik maclean 2003

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