reckless verbiage

Listen to "Reckless Verbiage" by mara's torment

Okay, so I have a bit of a good news/bad news situation here. The good news is, I've updated the podcast after over a month of inactivity (on the podcast, life has actually been very busy). So that's good news. Yay!

But the bad news is, it's previously released material (not on the podcast, but in terms of music that has already been released to the world previously). Which is kind of bad news because I had hoped to have brand new stuff for you all to hear. Unfortunately, the aforementioned very busy life got in the way of making music, and, well, there you go...

But I am working on new material, and if all goes well, you'll be able to hear some of it in June. No promises, I learned long ago not to do that, 'cause promises attached to creative output aren't always fulfilled, but I'm certainly going to try.

And in the meantime, here's something that's previously released, but who knows? Maybe it's new to you...

Listen to "Reckless Verbiage" by mara's torment

other people's lies

missed communications

deep longing


phat with a capital ph

reckless genre experiment

instant club hit

cerebral cortex

all tracks copyright rik maclean 2003

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