secrets + lies

For the Jan 15th edition of the mara's torment podcast I thought I'd post a collection of tracks I released in 2003 called "secrets + lies". Basically it's made up of songs that I had released as an EP to correspond with my appearance at Convergence in Montreal in 2002, paired with a few live tracks I prepared for the Fetish Cares event in 2003. Included here is the original version of Invitations and Seductions which I'd later go on to re-record like eighty bazillion times.


seductions from across a crowded room

nusong 1

ride the long train (alt)

invitations and seductions

hope springs eternal (short)

charmed (hydraulic)


nusong 2


invitations and seductions (fetish)

good night

all tracks copyright rik maclean 2003


mara's torment

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